Validation Results

Strickland normalizes validation results to always be objects with isValid and value properties.

If the validator returns a falsy value, then isValid will be false. If the validator returns a truthy value, then isValid will be true. If the validator returns an object, the truthiness of its isValid property will be used on the result's isValid property.

The value on the validation result will always be the value that was validated.

import validate from 'strickland';

function letterA(value) {
    // We can return a validation result as a boolean
    return (value === 'A');

    // Or as an object
    // return {
    //    isValid: (value === 'A')
    // };

const result = validate(letterA, 'B');

// Either way, the result will match:
// result = {
//     isValid: false,
//     value: 'B'
// }

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